Many years of war have tragically filled a pipeline of wounded and disabled veterans and their families, overwhelming existing service and support systems.

Our Mission


Thanks to miraculous advances in medical care and treatment, many more veterans are returning home but with physical and emotional scars that make returning to civilian life and family difficult, if not impossible, without an array of support services. Governmental assistance departments are overwhelmed, and honestly, unequipped to assist with the various forms of support needed by returning veterans.

What We've Achieved

Founded in 2012, the Gramatica Family Foundation, to date, has completed six homes for combat-wounded veterans, including several through partnerships with other organizations. In 2016, the foundation completed all the fundraising and donor support requests in order to build a home solely on their own. Although a young organization as far as nonprofits go, the foundation has quickly gained support and recognition in the Tampa Bay area. It is the ultimate goal of the Gramatica Family Foundation to raise the funds needed to build two to three homes per year. Through organizations like ours, a basic need such as adequate housing can be met for our country’s heroes, allowing them to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally from their life-altering battle scars.

Carol Justin and Gabe.JPG
The Gramatica Family Foundation has given Justin exactly what they thank him for every day...freedom. Justin now has the freedom to live comfortably with full access in his own home.
— Carol Balmes Lansford